Stake $ZERO with Stakingbridge


How long does it take to activate the stake?

Staking needs 24 hours to be included in the active stake.

How long does it take for staking to deactivate?

The deactivation time is 14 days.

Reward frequency

Periodic, every 24 hours. It is necessary for the validator or one of the nominators to claim the rewards manually.

What is the APR for staking Aleph Zero?

30M $AZERO are generated per year as staking rewards. The APR is flexible, currently ranging from 11-14%.

Is it safe to stake Aleph Zero? Is there a risk of slashing?

In the Aleph Zero network there is a risk of slashing in case of inappropriate behavior of the validator, for this reason a responsible validator is recommended.

StakingBridge node commission

2%, Minimum commission allowed by the network, forever.

$AZERO per Day:
$AZERO per Week:
$AZERO per Month:
$AZERO per Year:

Estimates based on current APR