Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 privacy-enhancing blockchain that ensures scalability, low transaction fees, and maximum security guarantees for developers

Enterprise-Level Blockchain

A robust, environmentally friendly and low cost blockchain suitable for any enterprise use

Developer friendly

ink! is an eDSL for writing smart contracts in Rust for blockchains built on the Substrate framework

Highly scalable

Up to 100,000 TPS+

Privacy on board

Combine ZK-SNARKs + sMPC in a solution denominated LIMINAL

Taking care of the planet

Aleph Zero is part of the Crypto Climate Accord, a collective effort for a greener future

A great project, an even better community

Aleph Zero has one of the largest crypto communities with over 100,000 people worldwide

stakingbridge VALIDATOR

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Status Monitor

Statistics are refreshed every 5 minutes
Stakingbridge Performance

How long does it take to activate the stake?

Staking needs 24 hours to be included in the active stake.

Reward frequency

Periodic, every 24 hours. El pago se realiza de forma automática.

What is the APR for staking Aleph Zero?

30M $AZERO are generated per year as staking rewards. The APR is flexible, currently ranging from 11-14%.


5%, Minimum commission allowed by the network, forever
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$AZERO per Day:
$AZERO per Week:
$AZERO per Month:
$AZERO per Year:

Estimates based on current APR