Stake $VLX with Stakingbridge

Staking Guide

Access Velas Wallet

  • You must have previously created your Velas wallet on []
  • Your VLX must be in native/native format, if not, you can easily convert them using the button “Swap”

1. Create a staking account
From your wallet:

  1. Access the menu “Staking”.
  2. Choose “Create Account”.

2. Delegate your staking account

From the staking menu:

  1. Click on “Delegate”
  2. Find the node in the list using the arrows at the bottom.
  3. If you want to delegate with us, look for our address or by name (


$VLX per Day:
$VLX per Week:
$VLX per Month:
$VLX per Year:

Estimates based on current APR